Best Wing Fryers – Guide & Reviews

There are many kinds of deep fryers, but some of the more well-known and famous are those known as wing fryers.

Just as there are fryers for turkey and other special purposes, there are also fryers that are exclusively meant for the frying of wings.

Wings are delicate pieces of flesh that require good amounts of heat for the best frying and more than this require the utmost care while being fried. These wing fryers are also numerous in the market and the result, if this is that choosing the right kind or that that will serve you perfectly, is quite a tall order.

There are many considerations that a person must look into and after looking at these considerations the job of choosing specific fryers then takes center stage and this can also be a tough one if the buyer does not know what they are looking for.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Wing Fryers

For you to get what you want for the best wing frying experience, you must choose your machine right. Here is how.

Power Value

Power value refers to the amount of power that the fryer can deliver to aid in the frying of wings. A fryer with more power and hence more heat is more preferable to one that provides less hear.

It will be up to the buyer to look for the fryer with the most heat and power values in order for them to find the best fryer for their wings. Fryers that produce more power are much cheaper in the long run.


The buyer before looking and settling for any fryer must be able to look and tell for himself whether the components are of the best quality.

Good quality components can be told apart using the nature of the material that they are made of and the quality that has been put into designing them. Good fryers will last longer and offer infinitely more service levels to the buyer than fryers that have been made with low-quality materials.

Ease of Assembly

The fryer might either come fully assembled or in bits and pieces. Whichever the case may be the fryer must be easy to put together and dismantle at will.

In the case of fryers that are not assembled then this assertion is necessary because the job of putting everything together must be easy to do. In the other case, the fryer must be easy to take apart because sooner or later the fryer will have to be cleaned and it is the removal of inner parts that will make the job easier.


The fryers we are discussing here are those that are meant just for wings, but it wouldn't hurt if the said fryer could be able to perform more than just these roles.

Versatility is never a bad thing. The fryer can be used on more than just one task offers more regarding functionality and is ultimately a better fryer.

Ease of Use

Is the fryer one that requires lots of time to get used to or one that is easy to set up and get ready for use. Buyers should be aiming for fryers that are easy to handle and manage and whose instructions of use aren't many or complicated in the least. These fryers will provide better service.

Best Wing Fryers

Best Recommended Fryers for Wings

After looking through the list of things that must be looked into before a certain kind of fryer is bought the next step is to go out and purchase an actual fryer. The fryers listed below are the best that the market has to offer.

1. T-fal FR4049 Family Pro 3-Liter Oil Capacity Electric Deep Fryer

T-fal FR4049 Family Pro 3-Liter Oil Capacity Electric Deep Fryer

This fryer is easy to spot because it has a unique design and on top of this is well known for offering very good levels of service.

It takes a large amount of oil, almost three liters of it. The more the amount of oil in the fryer, the better the process of frying.

Fryers that have larger capacities can offer more regarding frying quality than shallower fryers.

Easy Fitting

The fryer is easy to put together and to make work from the bare essentials. It is a process that even the least experienced people can perform on their own.

Metallic components

The fryer is made mostly of metal which as we all know is a preferable element when it comes to the making of fryers. Fryers that are made of metal allow for heat transfer easily and are much easier to take care of than those other kinds of fryers


The fryer is made to be safe due to the number of components that it has which are tailored to the ensuring of safety. Thus the user can feel safe while using the fryer.

2. T-fal FF1228 Compact 1200-Watt Cool Touch Electric Deep Fryer

T-fal FF1228 Compact 1200-Watt Cool Touch Electric Deep Fryer

This fryer is well known and admired, and there is a good reason for this as it is excellently made and has features that can rival even the better and more expensive variants.

The fryer will not let the oil overheat or go above the required temperature.

There are ways in which this occurrence is stopped, and the safety of the food inside looked after.


There is a lid which additionally is transparent and thus allows for the viewing of the cooking things inside the fryer without opening it to the outside world. This makes the fryer very safe and also easy to use and manage.


There is a timing element which makes the fryer very efficient. The timer is usually activated, and the food inside is then left to cook, and once the time elapsed in which it should have been cooked then, the timer will automatically turn the fryer off to prevent burning of the food.

Safety Issues

The lid is one of the safety measures, but there are others which are here to ensure that the fryer does not cause harm and havoc. These features improve the fryer.

3. Chef Buddy Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer

Chef Buddy Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer

Another of those fryers that come with excellent reviews and that are so well constructed that there is little that is at fault with them. It has the following good things about it.

The inner part of the fryer is removable which makes for the cleaning of interior parts of the fryer easy and fun.

Thus the fryer can be maintained easily and without much fuss. A fryer which cannot be easily cleaned is not worth buying.


The fryer has control mechanisms which give it the ability to be used easily and without fear of hazards. These mechanisms are employed to give the user the ability to control the frying to his or her desired standards any time.

Heat Retention

There is insulation, which makes the retention of heat inside the fryer easy and possible. The fryer is, therefore, efficient and power saving.

Long Cord

The power cable is adequately long, and thus there is a monster of it limiting the use of the fryer when the frying has to be done some place away from the kitchen.

4. T-fal FR1014 Easy Pro Enamel Immersion Deep Fryer

T-fal FR1014 Easy Pro Enamel Immersion Deep Fryer

A reputable company makes this fryer, and this shows in the design elements and all else. It is easy to like this fryer at all times.

The parts that make it up are easily found and can be fixed into the fryer easily when the parts that it came with are spoiled or come undone.

The fryer is therefore easily used at all times and under any manner of circumstances.


There is a covering on top of the fryer that prevents the spurting of oil to the outside while the fryer is being used. This ensures the safety of the user, but it also makes the food being fried fry better and take lesser time at it. This is an immense advantage

Cool Exterior

To aid in the process of handling the exterior of the device is made cool and easy to touch. There is a layer of covering which prevents heat transfer to the outside and makes the device cool and easy to handle.


The fryer is made with deep dimensions which make it able to handle large amounts of oil and therefore be able to be used even when the foods cooked are large.

5. Delonghi COOL-TOUCH Electric Deep Fryer

Delonghi COOL-TOUCH Electric Deep Fryer

The last fryer is also one of the best and has been known and admired far and wide. It is a very good rings fryer.

Quite often we do not look at the way the fryer is designed and wrongly assume that the design is spot on when it may have issues.

This fryer is made with the best materials available that are long lasting.

Easy Maintenance

The whole design makes the device very easy to look after. There are removable components and the nature of the material used is stainless steel which gives it the ability to withstand rusting and corrosion.

Oil Valve

There is a valve which is used when the fryer is to be emptied. There is no need to overturn it to drain the oil in the fryer. The device is easily drained by the valve, and the cleaning of the interior can then proceed.

Variable Temperature

The fryer isn't just a constant temperature fryer, but one that allows for the variation of temperatures to suit different kinds of food. In this way, the fryer can be used to cook a variety of foods comfortably.

Final Words

There is little left to say that the fryers themselves don't make plain. If you ever were looking for the perfect fryer for wings, then these five will surely not disappoint you.

They are well made and are well regarded by many people such that any buyer who buys them will be sure of having gotten the best bargain.

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