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Deep fryers are some of the most valuable of kitchen equipment of the modern age. They are used for all sorts of purposes because different kinds of foods need varying techniques of frying.

A fryer for one kind of food might not work for another kind of food which is why these foods should be fried in their fryers.

Fryers for turkeys are specially made to be able to handle the frying of Turkey which as we all know is a quite special kind of poultry.

Turkeys are bigger than most birds and also have special needs which require the fryer to be well tailored to handle the unique demands that will come with it.

Despite the fact that they are rare they are still quite varied and different enough to present a challenge while buying.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Turkey Fryers

For you to choose your turkey fryer wisely, you need a guideline from which you can base your selection process. These are some of the factors you need to consider while selecting an appropriate model.


The size of a fryer is an indication of capacity. The larger the size, the larger the capacity of the fryer. When a buyer is looking for a fryer, they had a better look for one that is of bigger capacity.

Bigger fryers can hold more oil and therefore assure of a deeper and more immersive fry. The bigger the fryer, the more even the frying will be and the faster the process will be too. This should be a fundamental point that shouldn't be ignored.

Cool Exterior

A nice fryer will have the exterior insulated from the fire and heat. This keeps it cool at all costs. This helps with the handling and safety such that there is no risk of the user getting their hands burned while using the fryer.

This makes the fryer very easy to handle and even easier to dispose of the oil once all frying has been done. The fryer is safer and better for this. All buyers should be looking for such a fryer.

Safety Features

A dryer should have safety features. Before a buyer embarks on a particular fryer, they must look into the safety features that it offers.

A fryer with a lid that prevents oil from jumping out and a fryer with auto turn off mechanisms and other mechanisms to prevent overheating is the fryer to have. Fryers without these features and more are best not bought. They are not worth the hustle.


Obviously, the cost is a major consideration. Some fryers are very expensive but offer just the same level of service as most of the other much cheaper varieties.

These fryers are not at all advisable. They will cost a lot but not provide the required level of service as that of lesser expensive fryers.

Best Turkey Fryers

Best Recommended Turkey Fryers

Turkey fryers are rarer as we have said, but this doesn't mean that they cannot be found. The fryers below are in a class of their own and should be the best that one can find.

1. Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

As far as turkey fryers go, this one is a true king that is unrivaled. It has the following features on it.

The device can sense the temperature of the oil in the basket and hence can be able to control the temperature to the desired level.

This makes the device able to be used to conduct all manner of cooking.Durable Baskets

Easy Handling

Everything about the fryer screams easy handling. It is made with good material and also has a manual which can be relied upon to offer the user guidance and assistance when they need it making the whole process of using it easy.

Multiple Parts

Parts such as the basket do not come singly. There are many of them that come with the device once it is purchased. This plays a big part in giving the user the ultimate levels of convenience and ease.

Durable Baskets

The device is fitted with baskets that are made of really good stainless steel that can withstand the high temperature and the weight of food to give the user an easy time while the device is being used.

2. Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer

Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer

Turkey deep fryers need to be able to handle the cooking of these birds quite well and for this, a lot rides on the way they are constructed. This device fits the bill.

The fryer has various modes of regulation which give the user control while the frying is taking place.

With this control, the user can tune the fryer to whatever level they want and in the process get the kind of frying they want.

Oil Release Valve

Once cooking is done there is no need for the fryer to be overturned to get the oil out. At the bottom, there is a valve that allows for the fryer to drain itself of all remaining oil for the device to be cleaned and gotten ready for use again.

Multiple Cooking Places

There are some places where the cooking can be done in the fryer. The multiple places give the ability to be used in a way to make the process of cooking much more efficient and faster than in a conventional fryer.

Deals and Warranty

On buying the device, warranty information is included which gives the device a sense of superiority when it is compared to others. This device is easy to use because the user doesn't have to worry about the device getting spoilt. The presence of warranty solves these kinds of problems.

3. Char-Broil the Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

Char-Broil the Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

The third fryer is also an exclusive turkey fryer that should be looked at as one of the premier fryers. It is way too easy to use and will work for long without giving up.

There are some frying modes each depending on the level of heat that is required. This makes the device controllable and manageable in the long run.

Having these kinds of modes makes the device be able to cook different types of foods comfortably.

Automatic Basket

The basket is automatic and easy to control. Automatic means that it can be able to lower and lift itself out of oil without the assistance of the user. This makes it both safer and easier to use the fryer while cooking.

Presence of Lid

There is a lid on top of the device which helps with keeping the oil in the fryer and away from the outside world where it's spurting might cause harm. The lid also allows the viewing of the food in the fryer without opening it up. The same issue of accidents is also prevented but this method.

Quality Heater

The heater in the device isn't your normal average heater, but one that is very well made and can provide adequate heat levels for all your frying needs and more.

4. Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer

Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer

I was instantly impressed with this fryer and knew it would make this list in a short time. It is one of the better fryers in the market and nothing can dispute that fact. The features are discussed below.

Turkey fryers need to be deep enough to handle the birds that will be dipped into them.

The turkey will be fully immersed in the oil and will fry extra well because the deep shape allows the oil capacity of the fryer to be more than normal.

Durable Baskets

The basket to a fryer of this kind must be strong enough to accommodate the weight of the turkey. They are therefore constructed with metal that gives them the ability to be used to cook even the biggest of turkeys without any problem at all.

Heat Regulation

The user can control the amount of heat that flows down to the device to enable the good cooking of all the foods that are put in it. These fryers are very easy to handle therefore because of this.


The interior compartment can be removed and the inner parts for easy cleaning. Cleaning them is an easy task that shouldn't take long.

5. CDN IRL500 InstaRead Long Stem Deep Fry Turkey

CDN IRL500 InstaRead Long Stem Deep Fry Turkey

Lastly, comes the CDN IRL500 InstaRead Long Stem Deep Fry, which is the most impressive fryer that has been recommended by so many and for good reason. This is a quality fryer, and there is nothing more you can add to that.

The device was constructed with good care that can be seen in the way everything just fits together naturally.

The device can last long and be used for any number of purposes because of this ability.

Adjustable Parts

Some parts can have their levels adjusted to ensure the good control of the fryer. This is an immense advantage that helps the device be easily used.

Good Depth

The device can accommodate a very good amount of oil because of the level of depth of the fryer. The increased amount of oil leads to better frying and quicker turnover times.

Variable Baskets

The baskets are all of the different sizes that mean all the baskets can be used to handle different kinds of cooking at all times without fear or cause of worry.

Final Verdict

Choosing any of the five fryers presented here should solve the problem of finding the best turkey cooker. They are rare to find, and the good ones are even harder to find but with these five this problem is quickly solved.

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