Best Countertop Deep Fryers – Guide & Reviews

Of the many different kinds of deep fryers available in the market, one kind is the countertop fryers. They are suddenly very popular because of the way they work, and they make deep frying both much safer but also much more fun than the other kind of normal fryers.

These fryers are many in the market, and the challenge usually comes when a buyer is confronted with choices as to which to take and which not to take.

All of these countertop fryers will claim superiority. However, only the word of those who have used them and seen them and know of their individual makeups can be trusted when one is looking to buy a particular kind of fryer.

The guides below go into individual fryers and information on them is presented to the buyer so that they are well armed before making their choices.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Countertop Deep Fryers

When you know what to look for in a countertop deep fryer, then you know exactly what you want. Here are some of the factors that should guide you in selecting the best product.


The depth of the fryer is an important marker as to the amount of oil that the fryer can hold. Fryers that are deep can hold a good amount of oil and in the process give the user a better fry and ensure that less oil is spent in cooking.

The frying time is also lessened significantly if the fryer is deeper and can enable the oil to acquire more uniform temperatures before frying can begin.


Any fryer will have controls, and it is up to the buyer to know these controls and how to use them. Choices need to be made concerning how much control they want the fryer to have.

Fryers with more controls might be harder to learn about and will present challenges to users especially those not familiar with them. Ultimately, it is the user to determine which kind of fryer they want.


Some fryers are made with their parts adjustable and removable while others are much harder to have their parts removed because they are more permanent.

These permanent types of fryers are maybe not the very best because they will have very many challenges while being cleaned. The fryers with detachable parts are easier to clean and handle generally. These are the fryers that buyers need to go for.

Regulation Mechanisms

Having a basket that lowers and raises itself is a huge plus. This will prevent the user from interacting directly with the oil and give the foods more time to get accustomed to the oil before the frying begins. This is a minor yet potentially important consideration that needs to be looked into.

Automatic Basket

Having a basket that lowers and raises itself is a huge plus. This will prevent the user from interacting directly with the oil and give the foods more time to get accustomed to the oil before the frying begins. This is a minor yet potentially important consideration that needs to be looked into.

Best Countertop Deep Fryers

Best recommended Countertop Fryers

Countertop fryers ought to be very well looked into because finding the right One can be a bit of a burden. The fryers presented below are some of the ones that are qualified and can be relied upon to offer the best services.

1. Yescom Commercial 12L 5000W Stainless Steel Electric Countertop Deep Fryer

Yescom Commercial 12L 5000W Stainless Steel Electric Countertop Deep Fryer

The first fryer on the list is one of the best in this category. It is designed with the best materials and has a certain standard to it that is very hard to match.

The fryer comes with extra baskets that can be used in cooking as well.

These extra baskets enable the fryer to be used in many instances without any problems occurring. This fryer can then work very well without hitches.

Different Sized Baskets

The different baskets are not all of the same sizes, but they come in different shapes. The different sizes of baskets can handle different amounts of food and hence offer cooking for different dishes which might require a different size of baskets to cook well.


The fryer has timing means by which a user can set the timing of a certain kind of food. Using the timer, no cases of food getting burnt can be reported. This fryer is then easy to handle and can be used without lots of worries.

Stainless Steel

The majority of the components are made of stainless steel which is a really good material that is also corrosion resistant and easy to handle at all times. The steel also makes the device last much longer than your average devices.

2. Secura 4.2L/17-Cup 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple-Basket Electric Deep Fryer

Secura 4.2L/17-Cup 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple-Basket Electric Deep Fryer

This fryer is both robust and manageable in a way that is very convenient to the user.

The benefits of this fryer for outweigh any issues that might come with it and make it stand out in a very definite way.

The parts of the fryer including the basket and all other components are very easy to remove and set apart. They can then be easily used, and as expected when things go wrong the fryer is easy to repair and use.

Adjustable Components

There are different sizes of baskets, and the effect of this is that the device can be regulated or made to handle different quantities of food without any hassle. This makes the device likable.

Good Depth

The depth of the fryer is such that it can accommodate a good amount of oil which should help to make cooking very easy and make it take less time as well. This makes the fryer very efficient.

Quality Assured

The interior components, especially those that control heat flow and amount of power are all made in such a way that quality is the only thing that is to be found in them. When you add to this, the outer components of which the cooker has the quality cannot be questioned at all.

3. 2500W 6 Liter Electric Countertop Deep Fryer

2500W 6 Liter Electric Countertop Deep Fryer

This fryer made the list in a very short time because I did not have to look far to find all the good things about it. It is a quality instrument that should serve well and last long.

The interior of the fryer is the one part that will get very dirty with time. Having an interior that is permanently fixed or hard to remove is a very bad downside.

This fryer isn't made like this but has the interior parts perfectly removable, and this makes the cleaning of the interior possible and easy.

Heat Control

These kinds of fryers will most likely be dealing with a wide array of foods which require different conditions to be cooked best. It is, therefore, good for the fryer to have means by which heat is controlled. This fryer is well equipped in that department.

Easy Cleaning

Having the basket able to operate automatically and the interior removable makes the job of cleaning the fryer easy. Fryers have to be cleaned to prevent germ build ups and the transmission of disease.

Long Cord

The cord that connects the fryer to the mains is easy to handle and quite long do that no inconvenience is caused while using the device.

4. Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer

Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer

This is a one of a kind fryer that should be appreciated for the good level of service it provides.

Cleaning can provide quite a challenge to the user of the device if the device is manufactured in a way which makes its cleaning hard.

This device doesn't have these kinds of problems; it is easy to clean, and all components come apart easily during this process.

Good Fitting

The interaction between the different components is an important part of any fryer. This fryer has its components well-made, and they fit into one another without any fuss.


The presence of a lid gives the fryer the ability to be used even when the oil is hot, and there is fear of burning. The lid offers protection.

Light and Portable

The device is super functional but is also very easy to carry around because of the weight which isn't a whole lot. The ease of carrying makes the device a super buy.

5. Generic 5000W 12 Liter Electric Countertop Deep Fryer

Generic 5000W 12 Liter Electric Countertop Deep Fryer

Lastly, comes this fryer that is just as good as the others and offers good service to the user at very affordable rates.

The Heater is that which powers the fryer and enables the process of frying to take place.

This fryer has a quality heater that will provide the fryer with all the best it needs to enable frying.

Insulating Materials

The space between the fryer and the exterior is filled with a good amount of insulation material that keeps the exterior cool while even while the frying is going on.

Variable Temperature

The level of temperatures can be adjusted depending on the amount the user wants to work with. This makes the device easily manageable.


In case the user wants to move or transfer the device is easy to disassemble and get it to be carried in individual bits quickly. This way the device can be used without worry of moving it from place to place.

Final Verdict

Any person in the business of cooking should instantly be able to tell that these devices are not your average devices.

They are well made and are so good that it would be next to impossible to find others that are as good as them and still of this category. They come highly recommended because there are none better.

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