Best Compact Fryers – Guide & Reviews

Just like most other products, there are lots of innovatively designed compact fryers in the market, and this makes selection a pretty daunting task for many people out there.

After a comparing all the good compact fryers available in the market, I have come up with five of the best.

Before you can start the choosing process, you must first know what to look for. Most people walk into the stores clueless of what they should look for. However, I figured out I could save you the fuss of choosing yourself by selecting the best compact fryers for you.

Things to Consider when buying the Best Compact Fryers

There are some issues to keep in mind when searching for these kinds of fryers and these issues include:

Actual Compactness

When out looking for the perfect compact fryer the user has to find a fryer that is compact. All compact fryers are fryers of s certain size and beyond this size, the fryer can no longer be considered compact.

The user has to know their dimensions so that they don't end up choosing a fryer that isn't small enough it does not fit the description of a compact. This is fundamental.


The cost of a fryer is of immense importance unless you happen to have unlimited amounts of money. When considering the best of compact fryers it is very important to consider the cost and consider it well.

The fryers that come expensive aren't necessarily the very best and the sooner the buyer knows this, the better. Choices should be made for fryers which are cost friendly.

Ease of Use

The fryer must be easy to use and handle. A fryer that requires a drawn out process to clean and get working again is not worth the hustle.

It is the best option if a buyer can look out for a fryer that is easy to use because this will save him time and make the whole process of use easy.


Despite the label of compactness, these fryers must be able to handle good amounts of oil so that the foods being fried in them can get cooked decently.

When a buyer is considering the best fryer to have it is important that they look for one that has a good oil capacity, and that will assure the user of complete immersion while the food is being fried.


A fryer must be equipped with a cool exterior. The exterior is cooled to enable the handling of the fryer to be easy and without fuss. The fryer must be equipped with insulation to prevent heat from flowing outwards and warming the whole fryer.

Best Compact Fryers

Best Recommended Compact Deep Fryers

The process of choosing an appropriate compact deep fryer is one that most of the time is time-consuming and hard. The task is made much harder for amateur types who may not exactly know what they are looking for. The five recommended fryers below should save everyone the trouble.

1. Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact 1.1-Liter Deep Fryer

Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact 1.1-Liter Deep Fryer

The first fryer is a real masterpiece and will be able to meet all the conditions of the buyer because it was well made.

Despite the fact that it is compact and well-fitting it is also a very deep fryer which means that the amount of oil it can hold is a very good amount.

This will help with the provision of good frying because the oil can totally cover the food.

Small Dimensions

As this is a discussion on the compact fryer, it helps by beginning with the statement that this fryer is truly and really small. Its dimensions are exactly what one would expect of a compact fryer.


The fryer can be taken apart for any reason that there is. Perhaps the user wants to clean it up or to fix up a few parts. It can be easily removed bit by bit and then put back together.

Oil Valve

The fryer has a valve at the bottom of the fryer that is used for the release of oil after the process of cooking is over. The valve saves the user the hard work of having to empty the fryer manually and also makes the cleaning of the bottom part easy.

2. Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

Users looking for True fryers that are compact and do a decent job should look to this piece of beautiful machinery. It is one of the most respected fryers, and there is a good reason for this.

The fryer is easy to handle because of the nature of its weight. It is a light and compact fryer which means that it is easy to handle and carry around.

The buyer doesn't have to worry about transporting this fryer from place to place.

Excellent Construction

Usually, the aesthetic aspects are the least considered when it comes to the designing of fryers. Here the opposite is true as the fryer can be both functional and yet very appealing to the eyes. It is a well-made fryer.

Extra Parts

Parts such as the basket which are used very frequently can be found in more than one combination in the fryer. The presence of more than one of these parts is easy to explain because they are to be used when the original parts cannot be used anymore.

Heat Control

The user can set the fryer to whatever heat levels they think are best for the cooking at hand. This is a very useful thing to have as it gives the user more control.

3. T-fal FF1228 Compact 1200-Watt Cool Touch Electric Deep Fryer

T-fal FF1228 Compact 1200-Watt Cool Touch Electric Deep Fryer

The way this fryer is designed and the attention to all the little bits that make it work is the standout indicator of its quality. Users need not worry about this fryer at all; its quality is unquestionable.

The fryer has means by which it controls the temperature if oil to ensure that the oil isn't excessively heated.

Excessively heated oil can cause the food to burn and also imparts unpleasant taste on the food.

Removable Basket

The basket is both removable and easy to handle. The mechanism by which it works is easy to know and appreciate. The advantages of this cannot be overstated.

Steel Construction

The metal used in the majority of the parts of this fryer is steel. It is one of the best metals used to make cookware products. It allows the propagation of heat but also doesn't corrode easily which makes the fryer last long


There are multiple safety features on the device which all aid the user and keep him safe while he is using the device at all times. Safety is a very important consideration that the user must take into account, and here nothing is spared in ensuring that safety is met.

4. Waring DF55 Professional Mini 1-2/7-Pound-Capacity Stainless-Steel Deep Fryer

Waring DF55 Professional Mini 1-2/7-Pound-Capacity Stainless-Steel Deep Fryer

I didn't know what to make of this fryer but after a few moments with it, I was impressed enough to know that it is one of the best if not the very best.

It has the makings of a classic fryer and will not disappoint.

The heater is very powerful and potent. It provides a good amount of heat to the fryer to be able to facilitate the excellent frying of whatever foods are put in the fryer.


There is a valve in the body of the fryer which regulates the flow of oil and can be opened to drain excess oil and also to free the device of oil when everything is said and done. This valve is for all intents and purposes a safety feature.


The device has a cover on the top which is also transparent. This cover enables a user to know what is going on in the fryer without the need to open the device up. Also, the fryer provides safety against the hot oil when the device is being used.

Temperature Control

Temperature can be controlled easily when the device is being used, and this helps the user when they are using the device to set it to the required levels that they think will suit their cooking needs best. This is one of the most vital considerations that the user must put in mind.

5. Presto 05470 Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer

Presto 05470 Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer

Lastly, comes this really good piece of machinery that surely puts everything else to shame. On first contact it may look like nothing but that would be a deceptive thing to believe. This fryer is easily one of the best.

The fryer is easy to control. There are only a few number if buttons that need to be known for the fryer to operate efficiently.

This makes it ideal to use even with small children around as they don't have to worry about the complicated nature of its operation.


The device may not look like it, but it does pack a lot of power into its frame. It is easy to dismiss this fryer before actually finding out more about it, but the user shouldn't be decided by these artificial condemnations.


The fryer has adequate capacity to enable the acceptance of large quantities if oil. This is a good advantage because as we all know a good fryer is one that can take large amounts of oil and therefore assure of a thorough fry in the process.


The fryer is on the lighter side as far as fryers are considered and might even be said to be compact. The compactness makes the device easy to carry around and for into small spaces whereby the user can then transport it easily and without fuss.

Final Words

The last thing to say is that these fryers aren't put on this list as a matter of simplicity. They truly are some of the best out there, and a user doesn't have to worry about finding any fryers, they simply have to choose from among these and find the one that suits them best.

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